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To most people, real estate means the physical land and the developments erected on it. For investment purposes, the real estate encompasses both the physical aspect and the rights attached to that property. Real estate will include the land, all-natural things that are part of the land, all man-made improvements, and all interests, benefits, and rights inherent in the ownership of the physical estate. It is this latter part of the attributes of real estate that is capable of being transferred from one party to the other.

Real estate investments exhibit certain characteristics that make them unique investments. These characteristics can be summarized as follows:

  1. Lack of information;

  2. Lack of uniformity (heterogeneity);

  3. Lack of centralized markets;

  4. Large capital outlays;

  5. Illiquidity.

The main advantages of investing in real estate include competitive return/risk relationships and being a hedge against inflation. These two advantages place real estate as a superior investment avenue compared to other assets such as stocks.

M-VAL has a suite of packages in the assessment of real estate investments and projects as well as package investments to ensure that value for money is achieved in cognizance of the risks and timelines. The services include:
Market Research – We undertake annual market surveys in cognizance of the state of the economy and the money markets. The annual market surveys are intended to give a general outline of the real estate market conditions both in generality and also in specific locations.

Market Surveys are also used to study specific market segments in specific locations, towns, or regions, or specific property typologies. They are also suited for a particular client according to given investment objectives.
Feasibility Studies – M-VAL has undertaken a wide variety of bankable feasibility studies that address the needs of various developers or investors in real estate investment. A feasibility study will study the market dynamics, the project costs and weigh them with the expected income recognizing the aspect of time to give the anticipated return on investments (ROI). Some feasibility studies will be simple cases of a cost-benefit analysis or to the complexities of master planning and financial modeling. In the same line, some studies include suitability appraisals, viability appraisals and
project modeling.

Development Assessment – The real estate project spectrum is wide and the
investment ability can be cast on a wide net to capture the different forms of
investment avenues. Is it a golf course estate, an industrial park, a mixed development, a shopping mall, apartment blocks, a leisure lodge, a business class hotel, an agricultural enterprise, an educational facility, a sports arena, name any development and we will assess its viability in a given location at a given time. Our project management team is also available to take up the final proposal and convert it into reality at the estimated costs in the estimated time. The property management team and the agency teams work hand in hand to achieve the projected revenues/sales.



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