M-VAL was founded on the strength of property valuation in the Mt. Kenya Region and Nairobi City. The company now has over 30 years experience in property/ real estate Valuation. From the founder to the current staff members and especially the Key personnel, the company has established a large network of satisfied   and a formidable client base. The current personnel in the company have a combined 115years experience in property valuation ranging in the following strengths:

  1. Valuation of real estate properties for banking and mortgage purposes;
  2. Valuation for accounting and book purpose for various companies, institutions and individuals;
  3. Valuation for advise on sale and purchase transactions;
  4. Valuation of agricultural properties for various purposes;
  5. Valuation for transaction advisory in transaction negotiations, acquisitions, mergers, liquidation, litigation, joint venture partnerships, financial modeling, and portfolio restructuring;
  6. Valuation of Government institutions in privatization transaction advisory;
  7. Valuation of plant and machinery, furniture, equipment and for various other purposes;
  8. Valuation of large scale industrial equipment and industrial set ups for book or financial purposes;
  9. Asset register formation, coding, tagging and management incorporating asset management modern software;
  10. Valuation of various assets for Compulsory Acquisition or compensation by government entities undertaking both small and large scale projects and including Resettlement Action Plans (RAP);
  11. Valuation of various assets for succession, subdivision, divorce, exchange among other purposes;

The company has over the time of its existence served a wide array of clients. Like it is in general valuation market, the largest consumer is the financial sector constituted of the country’s major banks, microfinance institutions and SACCO’s. Other clients have included individuals, institutions, companies and families cutting across all walks of life. Below is a sample list of clients we have served:

Cooperative Bank
Taifa Sacco
Fortune Sacco
Bingwa Sacco
Tower Sacco
Progressive Sacco
Jitegemee Sacco
United Traders  Sacco

Family Bank
Sidian Bank
Kenya Bankers Sacco
Hazina Sacco
Amica Sacco
Gibb Africa
Seureca E.A

Joy Millers
Bantu Africa
Privam Nuts EPZ
Tetu Housing
Sanel Center – Naivasha
Bradegate Poutry Industries